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How to Organize Your Kids Shoes

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How to Organize Your Kids Shoes

Article taken from:  https://productivepete.com/organize-kids-shoes/

How to Organize Kids’ Shoes and Keep them that way!

Does your family have a shoe organization problem? Countless times I have tried to organize kids’ shoes in my home and my system never lasted long.

Piles of shoes in our bedrooms, the laundry room, by the garage entrance door, and on garage shelves to name a few.

Finally, I found a system to organize kids’ shoes that is easy to set up, as well as easy to keep up with.


4 Steps for Organizing Kids’ Shoes

These are the steps I took to take charge of my laundry room, which is the drop-off place for all shoes. This system also made it easier to find shoes quickly, which is a life-saver when trying to get kids out of the door.

Step #1 – Sort Shoes by one’s that Currently Do or Don’t Fit

Here is the first step in organizing kids shoes. Let’s start with going through all the shoes and figuring out which ones fit & don’t fit.


Put in Piles |  The easiest way to start something is to jump right into it! So gather up all of your kids’ shoes in one place and prepare to get organized.

My issue was with my kids’ shoes, but you could do these steps with adult shoes too. I would just recommend making separate piles for each person in your family.


Throw Away | Now that you have your pile, get rid of any shoes that are simply not wearable – holes, bottoms falling off, etc.


Sort |  Next, sort the shoes into two piles. The first pile is shoes that fit your child right now. The other pile is shoes that do not fit.

If they are too small & you don’t want to save them, start a garage sale or donation box and toss them in it.

If they are too big and you want to save them, put them in the do not fit pile.

You now have two piles of shoes (fit & do not fit). Time to focus on organizing the shoes that currently fit your child.


Step #2 – Focus on Shoes that Currently Fit

You need a storage system for shoes that your kids wear daily such as school shoes, play shoes & slides/sandals. In my laundry room, I have a bench with three sections underneath it for storage. This is where we keep shoes the boys wear most frequently.

At our old home, we didn’t have a mudroom or laundry room at the entrance of our home, so we kept shoes in baskets by the front door. This idea works great too, but you need to make sure only shoes your child wears frequently are kept in it. This will make early morning searches much easier.


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